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Kentucky Photographer Loves his Lofty Views (taken from www.courier-journal.com) The sun coming across the top of the clouds was just one of the most incredible.............I guess I'll never forget.........I broke out on top of the clouds.

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See Beautiful Eastern Idaho From a Powered Parachute (taken from www.kidk.com) The chutes help the Fremont County Sheriff's Office with searches of the sand dunes and over the water.

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The Flying Photographer (taken from www.minnesota.publicradio.org)  Photographer Maxwell Mackenzie has always wanted to be able to fly, so that he could capture the beautiful images he saw when flying in planes. His powered parachute allows him to do just that.

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Young St. Anthony Drowning Victim's Body Recovered (taken from www.localnews8.com/Global/story.asp?5=88077588nav=menu554_2)

The sheriff's office rented a powered parachute to fly over the water. They spotted...

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Getting there is half the fun (taken from www.indystar.com)

Ladies and gentlemen, start your hot-air balloons and model trains, powered parachutes and radio-controlled model airplanes........ Read on


Local man believes relative first in flight (taken from www.themoreheadnews.com)

Could it be true that Matthew Bacon Sellers of Grahn was actually first in flight and not the Wright Brothers?

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Sheriff: Bubba's Flyin'! (taken from www.officer.com)

The ability to conduct cost effective aerial operations of illegal plant growing, search and rescue, accident and crime scene investigation and fugitive apprehension, has just become a reality.

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Powered Parachutes, Trikes Now Eligible for EAA Insurance (taken from www.aero-news.net) 

For the first time, powered parachutes and weight-shift trike owners and pilots can obtain extensive liability insurance......through a US-based aviation insurance company.

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Israel special-Contenders line up for medevac UAV(taken from http://www.flightglobal.com)

The Butterfly unmanned powered parachute.............. EMIT has modified a standard commercial powered parachute.

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A Wing and a Propeller (taken from NWAnews.com)

Buzzing like mosquitoes.....above the Arkansas River............ 


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